Guide to read the 1x2 odds in football betting

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Guide to read the 1x2 odds in football betting

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The European handicap bet, also known as the 1x2 bet, is a popular and attractive form of online football betting. However, many people are still not familiar with how to accurately read the odds for this interesting bet. In this article, the experts at Wintips will explain the concept, how to read the odds, and share high-level tips for analyzing the European handicap bet.

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What is the European handicap?
The European handicap, or 1x2 bet, is one of the most well-known forms of online football betting. The 1x2 bet is relatively easy to recognize and participate in.
The 1x2 bet is favored by many Vietnamese players because it falls into the category of easy-to-play, easy-to-understand, and easy-to-win bets. You hardly need to worry about the winning odds or the number of goals.
When choosing the 1x2 bet, you simply need to place your bet on one of the three options: Home team wins, Draw, or Away team wins. In the 1x2 bet, you don't need to focus on the exact score but rather the result of the match within the 90 minutes. The European handicap bet is divided into two types: Half time (HT) and Full time (FT) bets.

How to accurately read the 1x2 odds
If you are an experienced bettor, reading the 1x2 odds is relatively easy. However, for beginners, it takes some time to learn, accumulate experience, and avoid unwanted risks.
For the 1x2 bet, the bookmaker's task is to provide the European handicap odds for the match. All the data and information provided by the bookmaker will be represented in columns on the betting table. The team written at the top is the home team, and the team at the bottom is the away team (bookmaker's team).
Additionally, in the third row, there is a symbol indicating the draw result after the match ends. In the betting table, one team will be marked with red letters, indicating that this team is highly rated. However, the payout odds for this team winning are often much lower than the team considered weaker on the table.
To accurately read the 1x2 odds, you need to have a firm grasp of the symbols displayed on the betting table. Specifically:

Symbol "1": Represents the home team (the team considered strong).
Symbol "X": Represents the draw. If you choose this option, it means that if the match ends in a draw, you win the bet.
Symbol "2": Represents the away team (the team considered weaker).
Furthermore, there are two other symbols that appear on the 1x2 betting table:
Symbol "FT.1x2": Indicates that this bet is based on the final result of the full match duration of 90 minutes.
Symbol "1H.1x2": Indicates that this bet is based on the result of the first half and does not take into account the results of subsequent halves.
When participating in the European handicap bet, carefully observe the betting table provided by the bookmaker, analyze and evaluate it to make informed choices. Once you have a firm grasp of the symbols and know how to read the 1x2 odds, you can achieve victory in any bet.

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Experience playing the European handicap bet
Many players make the mistake of being overly concerned with factors such as goal scores, penalties, yellow cards, red cards, etc., without realizing that these factors hold no value in the European handicap bet. Here are some tips for playing the most accurate European handicap bet:

Bookmakers often offer high odds for the weaker team. They always seek to maximize their profits, so they use enticing odds to attract players to bet on the underdog team.
Placing a bet on a draw can also bring considerable profits, but winning is not easy.
It is advisable to place bets 3-5 days before the match starts because during this time, the bookmakers have minimal influence on the odds table. Only when the match is approaching, the bookmakers continuously change the odds.

Betting on multiple options instead of a single option helps you avoid falling into the bookmakers' trap when the two teams have relatively similar strength.
Avoid making impulsive choices and consider following expert opinions for analysis.
Do not trust and bet based on the majority opinion, as you may fall into traps due to misinformation. It is best to thoroughly research the teams before choosing the European handicap bet, especially in terms of form, players, home team vs. Away team, and the venue.

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These are some important pieces of information about the European handicap bet. Hopefully, the tips from Wintips experts provided above will help you understand the European handicap bet and play it effectively. Apply them flexibly and aim for valuable rewards!
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