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Copy for sales how to create irresistible texts

Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2023 11:01 am
by moyna888
Have you ever developed copy for sales in your business? Know that this is one of the most used practices in various digital strategies. We can see the copys being used in ads, landing pages, websites, email marketing and even social media posts. But, in addition to recognizing copys, it's also important that you manage to master the art of creating them persuasively and that you convert your leads into customers! Thinking about it, we decided to separate in this post the main examples of copy for sales and the most used formulas to create persuasive copys! Check out! Sign up below and guarantee 30 days of free access to the best content to accelerate the creation and performance of your digital product. What you will see: [ hide ] What is sales copy? 5 Sales Copy Formulas 1. AIDA 2. PAS 3.4U's 4. Star-Story-Solution 5. BAB How to make sales copy? Find out what your persona's pain is Grab attention with different elements Use action verbs Add data and numbers Don't Forget Mind Triggers 6 sales copy examples.

Instagram 3. Landing Page 4. Call To Action 5. Homepage 6. Email Marketing subject example Email body example What is sales copy? Copy comes from the word copywriting . Thus, copy for sales indicates a writing technique whose main objective is to persuade the public to perform a specific action. This technique has been around in the marketing world for many years and has been used in both online and China Phone Number List offline materials such as billboards, flyers, TV, radio and many others. From it, several businesses manage to close new sales every day and make the consumer understand the importance of a product or service in their lives. 5 Sales Copy Formulas As we mentioned above, copys have been around for a long time. Therefore, several professionals in the field have created copy formulas for sales. From them, you can have a model of how to follow the creation of your copy. Therefore, they are very useful for those who are starting in this world and do not know where to start.


Below we separate the 5 most famous copy formulas for you to know and apply in your strategy. Look! 1. AIDA AIDA is a copy model that seeks to go through four elements to persuade the public , namely: Attention; Interest; Desire; Action. It all starts with creating captivating messages that capture your audience's attention . With that, you can already pique his interest for some offer that your business offers. This interest turns into a desire , in which the consumer will want to know more about that solution and see how it helps. After awakening the desire, you can close with a golden key by indicating an action to be taken by the consumer. It is quite common to find this copy model for sales in email marketing, where it is possible to: Draw attention to the subject; Arouse interest with text or images; Generate desire by showing benefits or testimonials; Indicate an action with a Call to Action. This is just one example of applying AIDA to a marketing strategy. But it is also possible to adapt this strategy to other channels.